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  1. Apotheca Brings CBD to the Triad Farmers Market

    Apotheca Brings CBD to the Triad Farmers Market

    CBD For Sale at the Triad Farmers Market

    Apotheca is a community-focused company. We don’t just want to sell CBD products, we want to be your trusted neighbor, here to answer your questions and help you navigate the many, many hemp companies on the market.

    As part of our mission to bring high-quality hemp products and educational resources to everyone, we brought Apotheca to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market. Now you can get all your local vegetables and stop by our stall and pick up your favorite CBD products—all in one convenient location.

    About the Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market

    The R.G. Shaw Farmers Market is managed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It is one of four state-run farmers markets throughout North Carolina. The Triad Farmers Market services the Greensboro area, offering produce from local growers and commodities from independent businesses. You can find everything from North Carolina’s 21 major fruit and vegetable crops to Christmas trees to candy at the Robert G. Shaw Piedmont Triad Farmers Market.

    The market is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, and is located at 2914 Sandy Ridge Road in Colfax, North Carolina.

    Apotheca’s CBD Products

    Apotheca sells high-quality, American grown and made hemp products. Whether you’re looking for CBD hemp flowers, tinctures, salves, or capsules, we have a wide variety of products perfectly suited to your needs. At Apotheca, we only work with reputable manufacturers who provide a Certificate of Analysis with every product—which means you know every product you buy from Apotheca is

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  2. CBD at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market

    CBD at the Charlotte Farmer’s Market

    Apotheca at the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market

     Nothing beats bringing home a haul of local, fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market—wonderful squash, tomatoes, and peppers grown right in your backyard in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Well, maybe something can beat it: getting that haul of fresh vegetables and your favorite CBD products, all in one trip. With Apotheca at the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market, it’s easy to get top-of-the-line CBD tinctures, vapes, and flower from the brand you know and trust.

    CBD for Sale at the Farmer’s Market

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the many active compounds in hemp. CBD acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system and scientific studies have linked it to many promising benefits. Since the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD has rapidly grown into a massive industry with thousands of products on the market.

    Apotheca makes finding the right CBD product easy, especially for newcomers. We source only from the most trusted names in the hemp industry and ensure that the products we stock are made with American-grown hemp. We also require all manufacturers to provide a Certificate of Analysis verifying the cannabinoid content of their products.

    Not only are our products of the highest quality, but Apotheca’s Charlotte Farmer’s Market team is well-versed in all of the latest industry tr

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  3. Apotheca Asheville: The Mountain Home for CBD

    Apotheca Asheville: The Mountain Home for CBD

    Asheville, North Carolina is a magical town known for its vibrant community, dedicated to natural remedies and plant-based wellness. It’s a booming town in the most beautiful mountainside on earth, and Apotheca is proud to call Asheville home.

    We’re contributing to the wellness community in Asheville by bringing you the best selection of CBD products, hemp flower, and plant-based remedies like kratom. All of our products are selected by our team of experts for their purity and quality. Apotheca is the place to buy CBD in Asheville.

    CBD Oil in Asheville, NC

    CBD balm Lazarus Naturals Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm at Apotheca Asheville

    Looking for CBD in Western North Carolina? We’ve got you covered. From local favorites like Hemp Magik to west coast hemp extracts from Lazarus Naturals, Apotheca Asheville has all of the best CBD products on the market. We carry tinctures, vapes, salves, capsules, and everything in between.

    • CBD Oil Tinctures: CBD oil is the most popular hemp product on the market. There are hundreds of varieties out there, so there’s something that will suit your exact needs. Apotheca Asheville has what you’re looking for, whether you want an organic blend, essential oils for flavor, full-spectrum terpenes, or a CBD isolate product. Did all of that just go right over your head? That’s okay. Unlike many big box retailers, our store is run by passionate CBD experts. If you’re new to all of this, don’t hesitate to ask for a little help.
    • CBD Vapes:Vaping CBD is the preferred method of taking CBD for a growing number of customers. V
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  4. Apotheca: The Best CBD Store in Greensboro

    Apotheca: The Best CBD Store in Greensboro

    Finding the perfect CBD product for your needs is a daunting task. There are hundreds of brands out there, and all kinds of tough questions to answer. Do you want a CBD tincture or a topical hemp extract salve? How many milligrams of CBD per dose? Do you want a full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp product or a CBD isolate?

    Apotheca Greensboro has the city’s best team of product experts. We’re here to answer all those questions and more at our location on Battleground Avenue.

    The Apotheca Greensboro Difference

    apotheca battleground ave Greensboro nc Apotheca Greensboro at 2601 Battleground Ave., Greensboro, NC

    Many smoke shops and gas stations sell CBD and other wellness items as a secondary product. They may have a display or two set up, but if you ask “what is CBD oil,” you may not get the best answer from the staff there.

    At Apotheca Greensboro, wellness is our only business. We sell high-quality CBD hemp flower, CBD oil, kratom, and much more. However, we don’t just sell it. We believe in everything we sell. Our team of product experts carefully picks each product on our shelves. Apotheca only stocks American-grown hemp products that have been third-party laboratory tested to ensure they are Farm Bill-compliant and free of pesticides and heavy metals.

    Our store is staffed with advocates for the products we sell. They are knowledgeable and passionate about giv

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