Grav Beaker Spoon

Brand: GRAV

Many different colors

Carb is on the right 

They are 4' tall 

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The GRAV Beaker Spoon echoes the iconic silhouette of beaker water pipes. But this little beaker doesn't need any water or moving parts to stand out. In fact it stands up on its own, making it easy to put down between hits. The shape may be whimsical but this pipe functions like a dream, with an ergonomic carb and a flush mouthpiece designed for comfort.The carb is located on the right of the spoon. The length height is 4" and it is used for flower. Many like this spoon because it comes in many different colors: blue, green, amber, lavender, pink, fumed, white, mint green and can be carried anywhere.. Perfect as a taster. Also, let’s be real, probably one of the cooler designs for a small spoon if you ask me. It’s a miniature beaker that fits in your pocket. Pretty durable as well. Also holds everything in place even when it’s standing up. Fission downstem diffuses aroma through water. Removable downstem for easy cleaning. 

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