Apotheca USDA THC A Flower Lemon Tart (Sativa) 3.5g Lemon Tart 3.5g Sativa

Brand: Apotheca
  • 3.5g premium THCA flower
  • Sativa strain, good for day use
  • 16.36% delta-9THCa
  • 19.11% total cannabinoids
  • Powerful notes of tea and lemon
  • Legal, NC grows, USDA Certified
  • Grown and processed in the USA
  • Child-proof jar keeps contents fresh
  • Strain has Certificate of Analysis

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THCA Flower - Lemon Tart - Sativa -  3.5g | Apotheca.org 4 BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!*Lemon Tart - heady sativa strain

Buy THCA Flower - Lemon Tart - Sativa - 3.5g, from an Apotheca dispensary near you, or online for FREE DELIVERY!* This strain delivers on exceptional flavor and effect! Created from 100% legal hemp, this product has less than 0.3% ∆9THC but becomes a powerhouse when hitting the heat!

  • Bred From: Wedding Cake x Super Lemon Haze
  • Sativa strain, good for day use, exploring
  • 16.36% delta-9 THCA 
  • 19.11% total cannabinoids
  • Powerful notes of lemon and tea

Sativa effects; more than THC

THCa flower is much more than the single number of THC. And, it turns out THC has a lot less to do with a strain's euphoria than once thought. Minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, essential oils and other bio-available materials all contribute to an 'entourage effect' in legal hemp, aka cannabis sativa.

All differences are a thing of the past with this NC-grown THCA hemp flower. With outstanding genetics, sativas, indicas and hybrids all have uniquely effective broad spectrums of cannabinoids, all the plant's compounds working together for a stronger effect.

THCA and the other plant compounds like terpenes and minor cannabinoids, are naturally found in hemp flower. No conversion or infusion methods were used in this all-natural, USDA certified product.

Lemon smell, taste and effect

Lemon Tart is an award-winning fruit-and-earth sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is a Wedding Cake x Super Lemon Haze baby. It's craft cannabis, with notes of tart lemon and earth with sweeter tastes.

The bud tastes the same as it smells- tangy fruit-n-earth aromas becoming incredible flavors that hit high in the nose when fired up (or especially vaped). The buds are tightly structured, with deep green and even purple tones with lighter-colored pistils, all generously coated with frosty white trichomes.

This is a great strain for deep soothing with a clear head. Its effects create deeply relaxing physical sensations and a crisp visionary headspace.

Smoking THCA flower

Whether it’s cones, blunts, joints or any number of vaporizers, water pipes or glass pipes, this THCA green is the real thing!  

You can spark up unbelievable quality with Apotheca's USA-grown strains. But, first, you have to choose from the broad spectrum of loose flower Apotheca offers, and independent test results can show you the numbers!

But, no matter which you pick, pack, twist and toke, our sativa, indica and perfectly balanced hybrid strains bring the heat! Each one mingling with sweet terpene profiles and standing apart as the best of the best USA cannabis grows!

Indica, sativa or both?

Indica in 'in-da-body' and sativa is 'heady,' right? There's some truth to that, but there are energetic indicas and sedative sativas. Euphoria, we are learning, has more to do with the strain's entourage effect than anything else.

That's why some people prefer heady effects for creativity, but others may need powerful pain management or help sleeping. And, every person is different, with a wide range of tastes, therapeutic and recreational needs and other factors. Truth be told, any strain you buy here will be strongly felt. Compounds in legal hemp are the same as compounds in legal state medicinal marijuana.

Sativa and indica strain effects

But, exploring various possibilities should go beyond the simple THC number. With people, it's the same as the hemp plant, there's a broad spectrum of reasons why things cause varying effects, and we are still learning the full extent of all these compounds and how they work together.

In the case of many sativas, they tend to carry terpene profiles that appear to stimulate rather than sedate. With a kush strain, for example, you expect to feel full body sensations, but a traditional sativa is more for creative exploration.

  • Lemon Tart is a heady high sativa, rocking sweet notes of lemon and earth!

Check out its Certificate of Analysis here!

Legal hemp

Derived from legal hemp, these strains have less than 0.3% ∆9 THC, as per the guidelines laid down in the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (the "Farm Bill"). But, these buds know how to handle the heat just like their legal state counterparts coast-to-coast!

All Apotheca products

Apotheca dispensary offers the most trustworthy botanicals from delta 9 edibles and seeds to kratom and magic mushrooms! We vet all of our products to ensure freshness, quality and effectiveness. So, the flower you find here is guaranteed to please!

All products are derived from industrial hemp which has less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, leaning to higher CBD instead. But, other minor cannabinoids like Delta 8, THC-A, THC-O, HHC are analogues of ∆9 THC, but with lesser intensity.

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