Apotheca - Kratom Shot - 200mg - 15ml

Brand: Apotheca
  • 15ml kratom shot
  • 200mg of total alkaloids 
  • Premium Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom)
  • Full spectrum of kratom alkaloids
  • Effects occur at a few drops and can be adjusted
  • Processed in the USA with highest standards


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Apotheca - kratom shot - 200mg - 15ml

✅ This potent, highly concentrated kratom shot is made with 15mgs of Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) leaf extract and 200 mgs of total alkaloids. It delivers maximum effects and benefits in a convenient and efficient package, perfect for on the go. Effects can be felt starting at just a few drops and can be adjusted to suit any dosage needs.

How Kratom Thrives

To thrive and create the best alkaloids possible, kratom needs heat, humidity and proper soil pH. As such, Kratom trees thrive in their home regions where it’s hot and humid, and the soil is perfect. “Perfect” for Kratom means a pH range between 5.5 and 6.5, high humus levels, and exceptional fertility. As a result, it thrives in Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding countries in the Pacific Rim. Kratom’s strict growing requirements also demand that the soil’s consistency must be porous enough to drain but sturdy enough to retain moisture.

As a result of ANF's strict requirements, we source our White Indo kratom directly from the best regions, like Indonesia, for their ideal growing conditions. All of our White Indo kratom products are created with care in the USA.

Kratom Alkaloids

An alkaloid is any chemical compound of plant origin, with nitrogen in its makeup, that has physiological effects on humans. There are more than 40 structurally related alkaloids in kratom, all having unique wellness benefits. The precise alkaloid makeup of the Kratom plant depends on where the plant is grown, soil composition, harvest timing and even the weather during its growth. Time spent drying and curing the plant also plays a key role in its alkaloid makeup.

There are two main types of alkaloids in kratom: 7-hydroxmitragynine, which is the most chemically potent, and Mitragynine, which is the most abundant. Most of kratom's 40 alkaloids fall under these two categories. Of those 40 alkaloids, 25 (from both categories) are particularly soothing and present in high quantities in the Apotheca Kratom Shot.

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