AC/DC Indoor Hemp Flower

Brand: All Natural Farms

-Indoor Hydroponically Grown Hemp Flower

-12.60% CBD 

-Hybrid Strain

-100% Federally Legal Hemp Flower

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AC/DC Indoor Hemp Flower

Relieving without intoxicating, this CBD sativa-dominant hybrid  has a CBD-to-THC ratio of 20:1.  As a result, AC/DC induces potent CBD-associated outcomes that keep you in full control during the entire duration of its effects.

Users report that AC/DC Hemp Flower has many uses including relief of  tension, stress, and feelings of nervousness, unease, agitation, or restlessness.

Dominant terpenes include Myrcene, Caryophylene and Alpha-Pinene which all together create an earthy flavor profile certain to please the senses.