Ongrok Mini Candy Silicone Mold Tray - 3 pack

Brand: Ongrok

These easy to use non-stick, silicone gummy molds provide a mess-free experience & are oven, freezer & dishwasher safe!

  • (3) silicone gummy molds
  • BPA-free, food grade, non-stick, flexible silicone
  • Fun shape gummies including rings, sea & garden life
  • (2) squeeze droppers included
  • Oven, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe!

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Ongrok Mini Candy Silicone Mold Tray - 3 pack | 4 BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!*Best gummy molds for dosing

Buy the Ongrok Mini Candy Silicone Mold Tray - 3 pack, at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or the web store for BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!* These premium edibles trays feature great materials, design and ease of use.

This 3-pack of trays comes with two droppers, for easy filling the molds without spilling or wasting any infused liquids. The best silicone molds can easily be transported from the counter to the refrigerator or oven. They can withstand temperatures of -104°F to 446°F ( -40°C to 230°C) and are also dishwasher safe!

With this Mini Candy Mold 3-pack, the expense of store-brought gummies and candies is a thing of the past! These fun-shaped trays are excellent additions for customizing flavors of infusions, experimenting with types and adorable shapes.

Home made gummies are perfect as snacks for home, with guests during a party or a causal hangout with friends. These mini candy silicone molds are suitable for use in the freezer, oven and dishwasher.

Premium materials

These BPA-free silicone molds will help you make delicious infused treats. They are from 100 percent food-grade silicone. The flexible, smooth material makes gummies and baked goods easy to remove. Also, silicone is virtually indestructible too so a tray can produce edibles over and over, flawlessly.

The flexible, non-stick silicone makes removing treats easy!  Simply press the reinforced bottom of the mold to pop out your candy, chocolate or baked treats without any breaking or crumbling.  You can now enjoy the best edibles with less expense, mess and stress!

Portion control is easy once gummies are removed from the trays, making dosing edibles even easier. These gummy trays have grooves in the mold to help make a perfect cut every time for microdosing!

The ONGROK goal is to "ENHANCE YOUR EXPERIENCE" with the best products possible.

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