Mears Glass Chillum w/ Screen

  • 3.5" - 4" glass screened chillum
  • Bulit-in glass honeycomb screen
  • Hand-blown boro glass pipe
  • Glass beads to stop rolling
  • Tapered mouth piece
  • Various colors, dealer's choice

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Mears Glass Chillum w/ Screen - 3.5" - 4" | 4 BEST SMOKE SHOP DEALS, FREE SHIPPING!Mears Glass Chillum w/ Screen

Buy the 3.5" - 4" Mears Glass Chillum w/ Screen at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or here at the web store for FREE SHIPPING!* hand-blown glass bat with a built in glass screen. These handy glass pipes feature great materials, ergonomic design and beautiful craftsmanship.

This is hand-blown borosilicate glass, so no two pipes are eacvtly alike! Your one-of a kind one-hitter glass chillum features a honeycomb glass screen buit in to keep the ask out of your mouth! A tapered mouthpiece hits easy and the raised glass beads act as a roll stop to keep the pipe from leaving the table!

These glass hand pipes come in various colors and no two are the same. So, it's dealer's choice, but you'll be happy with this boro glass beauty no matter what.

Scientific glass

Borosilicate glass is also referred to as 'scientific glass' for a reason! It was origianlly created for laboratory conditions. This durable glass is chip resistent and shatterproof. This hand pipe's tempered glass can withstand exteme temperatures too, and can withstand both the freezer and the fire!

Borosilicate glass is completely inert so it will never interfere with the taste of your smoke! It's easy to clean with an isopropyl alcohol soak and scrub and holds its color permanently.

Apotheca gear and goods

Apotheca is the best dispensary online with the THCa flower to stuff in your pipe too! Make sure you check the inventory to see what's in stock so you and your pipe can spend some quality time together!

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