Magical Butter Machine - Home Extraction

Brand: Magical Butter
  • Magic Butter oil infuser for edibles
  • Stainless steel pitcher
  • Makes 2-5 Cups per cycle
  • Fully automatic, self-cleaning operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled sequences
  • Integrated digital thermostat & sensors

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Magical Butter Machine - Easy Oil Extraction | Apotheca Dispensary 4 FREE DELIVERY!Self cleaning infuser

Buy the Magical Butter Machine - Home Extraction system at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or at the web store for BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!* This classic kitchen gadget features great materials, handy design and easy to use controls.

MagicalButter is a home solution for simplifying the infusion and extraction process for herbs, spices, botanicals and much more! Easy to use and time-saving techniques easily step into the world of potent infusions… all from a comfortable, economical kitchen.

Perfect for at-home edibles

Made form premium materials, this sleek, hand held tool delivers consistent results every time. And, infusing your own oil at home saves money.

  • Easy touch-screen user interface
  • Temperature control for exact infusions
  • Infusion without aeration or blades, improving shelf life
  • Basin doubles as a storage container

User-friendly design - No advanced technical skills required- easily craft delightful infusions with the touch of a button! High-quality materials - Equipped with a durable stainless steel pitcher, immersion blender, and digital thermostat, you can expect efficient and clean infusions- every time.

Wide range of applications - Perfect for home chefs, budding mixologists, and herbal enthusiasts who want to add an extra touch of magic to their creations. Exceptional customer service - Expert advice, easy-to-follow recipes, and a dedicated support team to guide you on your infusion journey.


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