Apotheca Wooden Top Glass Jar - 4 Sizes

Brand: Apotheca
  • Airtight glass storage jars, 4 sizes
    • 2.36"
    • 4"
    • 4.7"
    • 6"
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Shatterproof and chip resitent
  • Apotheca airtight wooden lid

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Wood top glass jarsApotheca Wooden Top Glass Jar - 4 Sizes | Apotheca.org  FREE SHIPPING!*

Buy the best Wooden Top Glass Jar - 4 Sizes at a store front near you, or the apotheca.org for FREE SHIPPING!* Your stash will stay snuggly in these glass jars with an easy to remove wooden lid with airtight seal.

Made with premium materials, these Apotheca banded glass jars are the perfect addition to any kitchen or stash box. The wooden lid makes each jar easy access and simple enough for sorre hands!

Borosilicate science

Apotheca storage jars feature premium, scientific grade borosilicate glass. Originally created for the laboratory, the glass is made to withstand extreme temperatures from the freezer to the fire, without losing integrity or affecting what's stored inside.

Wooden top airtight jar

These glass jars are topped with treated wooden lids, fitted with airtight seals. They remove easily and seal with a press.

Apotheca goods

When it comes to stuffing your glass jars with premium product, Apoptheca has you covered with hemp bud. Whether you seek the THCa in multiple grades, CBD, or infused delta dank, we have plenty of product from which to choose! Indicas, sativas, and all around hybrids from craft grows await!

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