Puffco Peak Pro Hot Knife - Guardian

Brand: Puffco
  • Guardian edition electric dab knife
  • Ceramic tip for easy cleaning
  • USB-C charge lasts 50+ uses
  • USB-C charging cable included
  • Wipes clean with cotton swab
  • Hot knife tip heats in 3 seconds
  • Sleek design and Guardian colors

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Guardian edition hot knife

Buy the Puffco Hot Knife, at an Apotheca Dispensary near you, or online, where the best e-rig dab tools get FREE SHIPPING!* The Puffco Hot Knife is known as the premium of dabbers, made to work with the Puffco Peak Pro at a whole new level.

This best dab tool features premium materials, sleek design and incredible performance with one-button operation. Just scoop your concentrate, hold over the Puffco Peak heating chamber, hit the button and slide your dab off into the heat in 3 seconds!

The new Peak Hot Knife slices easily througbh wax, shatter, budder, and other concetrates like diamonds. Unlock the fullest potential of your concetrates with one-button operation and sleek design. ​ 

Best e-rig dab tool

The new Puffco Hot Knife is USB-C and comes with its own charging cable (for a seriously hard-to-beat upgrade, check out the Puffco Charging Dock!). The ceramic blade tip wipes clean easily with a cotton swab after a short heat time.

WARNING: The ceramic blade tip of the Puffco Hot Knife gets extremely hot and will cause serious burns. Do not touch to skin!

The Puffco electric Hot Knife lasts for 50+ uses and charges easily.

The best THCA wax, shatter and diamonds

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